Banana coffee milkshake Banana coffee milkshake, easy and cheap  Course Banana, Fruits  Cuisine French  Keyword Banana, Beginner, Brunch and Breakfast, Cocktails, Drink, Easy […]

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Violet liquor Violet liquor, easy  Course Appetizer, cocktails  Cuisine French  Keyword Cocktails, Drink  Prep Time 20 minutes  Total Time 20 minutes  Servings 12  Calories 240 kcal Ingredients 17,5 cl Water 17,5 cl Water 200 g Fresh […]

Vanilla milkshake Vanilla milkshake, easy and cheap  Course Appetizer, cocktails  Cuisine French  Keyword American Recipes, Beginner, Brunch and Breakfast, Child, Cocktails, Drink, Easy […]

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